The Regimen June 01, 2021

How Not to Look Tired

We all know how important sleep is to our health. Without enough of it, everything from our mental to heart health can be impacted. And then there's what sleep deprivation does to your skin — clogged pores, dullness, puffiness, and tired eyes are all-too-common indicators that you were up way too late or had a much too early morning.


But, just because you're exhausted doesn't mean the rest of the world needs to know it — or that your skin health needs to suffer. While there's no real substitute for a good night's sleep, there are some products that can be the next best thing to revitalize lackluster skin in need of perking up. Add some strategic makeup application and no one need know you are three cappuccinos deep into your day already. Keep ready for our foolproof wake up beauty routine.


Lernberger Stafsing Advance Clarifying Acid Clay Mask

Lernberger Stafsing Advance Clarifying Acid Clay Mask

Since nighttime is when your skin goes into repair mode, when you miss out on sleep, you slow down cellular turnover and skin healing, which can lead to a build-up of dead skin and the clogged pores and lack of radiance that go with it. Give your skin an exfoliating boost to get rid of the dullness and blackheads with this dual-action deep-cleaning mask. It's made with a blend of acids, fruit enzymes, and clays to exfoliate the surface of skin as well as clear out pores to give you a fresh-faced glow.


MBR Awake & Lift Eye Patches

MBR Awake & Lift Eye Patches

More so than any other concern, puffy eyes are what the majority of people complain of when they say they look tired. Whether you are naturally predisposed to them or its caused by a build-up of fluid, puffy eyes can give you a perpetually sleep-starved appearance. These eye sheet masks from MBR check pretty much every eye-care box — they will reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness all in one formula. Apply them under the eyes and let them go to work. After you remove, you'll see an immediately plumped, smooth, de-puffed, dark circle-free gaze.


Pai The Light Fantastic

If you skipped on the sleep, chances are your skin is seriously in need of some hydration and glow. This lightweight dry oil from Pai fits the bill, delivering instant moisture and radiance thanks to a mix of plant oils, extracts, ceramides, and vitamins. Press a few drops into your freshly cleansed face and you'll see an instant perk up, without any greasy after feel.


WESTMAN Lit Up Highlighter Stick

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick & Lit Up Highlighter Stick

Once your skin is taken care of, it's time for a quick makeup zhush to even out your tone and add some more vibrance. The Westman Atelier Foundation Stick pulls double duty as a concealer and foundation, minimizing redness and evening tone, all while adding even more moisture to the skin via hydrating ingredients. Follow that up with some strategic placement of the highlighting stick to catch the light and create a lively glow. Apply some in the inner corners of your eyes for an instant eye-opening effect.


Eyeko Black Magic Mascara Cocoa Edit

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara Cocoa Edit

Curling your lashes is one of the oldest makeup-artist tricks in the books for making your eyes look more awake, so make sure you don't skip the lash curler. Mascara also helps here, however using a dark black mascara can sometimes have the opposite effect and make you look even more tired — too dark colors can create the illusion of a smaller appearance. Instead, opt for a warm brown like this curling mascara, which looks less harsh for a more natural eye-opening effect.


With a little know how and the right products, you can look fresh-faced from a full night of beauty slumber, even if you only managed to score a few hours of sleep.


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