Sophie Elgort

The Regimen October 13, 2021

Fashion Photography Legend, Sophie Elgort, Gets Intimate With Skincare Secrets!

Born and raised in New York City by iconic Vogue photographer, Arthur Elgort, Sophie Elgort was raised among the most formative and industry defining names in fashion and beauty.

Now a legendary fashion and portrait photographer and director herself, Sophie embodies her beliefs that everyone possesses unique and undeniable beauty, using her camera to highlight the qualities that make each individual remarkably and distinctly exceptional.

She, herself, is no exception to this love of innate individuality. Sophie's beauty regimens focus on nourishment and supporting natural health and vibrancy while providing bursts of luxury that bring ease into moments of self-care and indulgence.  

Sophie Elgort

Name: Sophie Elgort

Profession: Photographer and Director

Skin type: Dry

Hair type: Dry (I think)? It rarely gets greasy.

Duration of beauty routine: 5 minutes or less

Walk us through your daily beauty routine:
In the shower I alternate cleansers, one of them being Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Enzyme Cleanser and the other a regenerating cleanser. Out of the shower I cleanse with Beautycounter's Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm. I love it because it's not drying and you don't have to splash water everywhere to get it off, you just wipe it with a washcloth, or you can even leave it on as a mask if you want.


Dr. Barbara Sturm: Enzyme Cleanser


Dr. Barbara Sturm: Enzyme Cleanser

In the morning I often start out with SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum followed by Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum, followed by an eye cream (I'm not loyal to any specific one) and moisturizer. If I'm going somewhere I use the Dr. Barbara Sturm Brightening Serum and, of course, always a mineral sunscreen at the end. And the Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops! I also love to carry a hydrating mist with me to refresh throughout the day. It feels luxurious.

SkinCeuticals: CE Ferulic Serum



Dr. Barbara Sturm: Hyaluronic Serum


Dr. Barbara Sturm: Brightening Serum
Dr. Barbara Sturm: Glow Drops

At night, a couple times a week, I'll use a retinol serum followed by the Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Serum, then eye cream and moisturizer.


Dr. Barbara Sturm: Night Serum


Dr. Barbara Sturm: Night Serum

I don't wear makeup most days, but if I'm going to something special, I love to have fun with a lip color, highlighter on the cheeks and eyeliner/mascara.

For my hair I shampoo and condition (not loyal to any specific brands), get out of the shower, towel dry my hair and let it dry naturally without brushing - I like when it dries wavy, and if I brush it, it won't. Sometimes I put a little Oribe Cream in it if it looks frizzy. I try not to wash my hair too much, it's much better the day after I wash it - I'm a big fan of dry shampoo, too.

What is your philosophy on beauty?
I truly believe that everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way and it should be celebrated.

What is your best beauty advice?
Make it your own. Find out what makes you feel good and stick to it- it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing.

What is the best beauty advice you've ever been given, and by whom?
Being confident in your own skin is beautiful. I've learned this and am constantly inspired by the subjects in front of my lens.

What are your 3 must-have products and why?

Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops: They really make your skin glow and look great in photos.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Serum: Brightens skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots (I have a lot of these post baby number 2).

Decree SOS Revitalizing Mask: If you've got a big event or are getting your photo taken and want your skin feeling and looking its best, a hydrating sheet mask will make all the difference

Decree: SOS Revitalizing Mask


Decree: SOS Revitalizing Mask

Do you have any special tips or techniques for how you apply a product to get the best results:

I've heard you're supposed to apply skin products in the upwards direction. Another tip from the woman who shapes my eyebrows, Sania at Sania's Brow Bar, is to not to put product on/near them since it interferes with hair growth. I try to follow both pieces of advice!

What's the biggest beauty mistake you've ever made?

When I was in middle school, it was trendy to go to tanning beds. I didn't go often, but I did go once or twice with friends. I cringe now thinking about what that must have done to my skin and health in general.

What do you love most about your job?

It is so much fun to spend time with the people I'm taking pictures of and capture something about them that is unique and part of what makes them beautiful- an expression, a characteristic, an emotion especially if it's something you don't usually see about them in pictures.

Growing up with such a well-known father, and one who was always so kind and funny on set, is there a specific piece of advice you always go back to that he gave you?
If you take one good picture every day, by the end of 10 days you will have ten good pictures. It seems simple, but to know my dad is to know that he carries his camera everywhere and is constantly taking pictures. His other piece of advice that goes with this is to always be camera ready. If there's a great moment happening, but you don't have your camera, you will miss it and it's much harder to recreate. I try to carry my camera everywhere and it's even easier now that the iPhone camera is so good- you always have a camera on hand.

When you are shooting, do you have a preferred "look" on a female figure? Such as no makeup, a little makeup or a lot of makeup, and why?
I don't prefer one over the other, I love shooting everything from no makeup to completely transformative. It is a privilege working with a great team of artists, so it's always a collaboration between us to find out what is the direction for the shoot.

What do you think is the number one beauty tip anyone getting photographed should absolutely do to make themselves more comfortable in front of the camera?
When my skin looks healthy, I feel confident in front of the camera. I love watching makeup artists on set work on the subjects' skin before applying makeup. So when I know I have to be on camera, even if I'm doing my own makeup or wearing no makeup at all, I always do a sheet mask to hydrate right before followed by the skincare products I know will make my skin glow.

Sophie Elgort

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