The Regimen April 18, 2022


We chatted with the founding Creative Director of the ultra-popular Brooklyn-based clothing, shoes, and accessories brand LOEFFLER RANDALL. Jessie breaks down her go-to wardrobe favorites and tried-and-true beauty must-haves. Get her take on mindful mothering and the benefits of staying in bed.  


Name: Jessie Loeffler Randall 

Profession: Founder and Creative Director 

Describe yourself in 3 words: Creative, Loyal, Inspired


Tell us a bit about LOEFFLER RANDALL and its distinctive aesthetic.

I started LR nearly 20 years ago with my husband Brian in our little garden apartment in Cobble Hill (very close to SHEN). We’ve become most well known for our shoes, but lately with the opening of our very first store at 10 Prince Street in Soho, we’ve been able to play in so many different areas from RTW to jewelry to home wares. 

Current wardrobe must-haves?

It’s funny, Jessica and I have very different aesthetics but we love a lot of the same things and have many of the same things in our closets. Right now I am loving my Blaise LR sandals in straw. I wear them everywhere and all the time on my travels. They are chunky and cool and look great with all the frilly dresses I wear. I’ve been loving dresses from Dream Sister Jane because they are poofy and make me feel happy and silly. I also love our LR smocked pieces like our green striped dress. I also wear a lot of carpenter pants from a variety of brands. I like the mix of frilly, industrial, dressy, and casual.


Your go-to hair and makeup routine? 

Well, these days I’m hidden under my KAZE Masks which I buy at SHEN and love so much. I love picking the color based on my mood.


For foundation I use Armani which is sort of random but I love it. I’m dying to try the Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Sticks. I know I will love them. 

I wear a bright red Gucci lipstick when I want to have fun in Odalie Red. Otherwise I just use lip balm on my lips from Aesop.


I have really fine and fragile hair that breaks easily so I use my Manta Hairbrush from SHEN. It’s the best and it gives you a little scalp massage!


A special treat is to get my brows tinted and shaped by Josh at SHEN in Brooklyn! I have sparse brows but he makes them look amazing. 


Favorite skincare essentials? 

For moisturizer, I’ve been stealing a great product Jess recommended to my husband Brian called Spectacle.

Jess taught me to put on my Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops after my moisturizer and before my foundation. I love the glow it gives me. 


For sunscreen I use a bottle of sun cream I inadvertently stole from Jess on our latest trip. I like ELTAMD UV Sport SPF 50 Very Water Resistant Sunscreen because it’s light and it actually works.

Your most treasured way to spend time with your kids?

I like to make something creative with them OR… stay up late with them in my bed and watch something silly like Bob’s Burgers and then sleep in really late.


How do you unwind as a busy modern mom?

I love to travel. That is so fun for me. But once I’m back home and tired, my favorite things to do are to work on a craft project like knitting or arrange some flowers. I also like to take tennis lessons, walk around the park. I like to take a really hot bath and read true crime on Reddit (weird, I know). I also just love sitting in bed texting with my friends at night because they always crack me up and cheer me up. And I sleep A LOT. I sleep more than is normal. I love being in bed. 


Best motherhood moment or memory to date?

I recently took a solo trip to Miami with my 14 year old daughter. She is the most hilarious and unique person I know. We had such a good time. I am really proud of the relationship we have. I think she feels safe sharing a lot of things with me. I was feeling sad the other day and she brought me home some tea roses. She is so thoughtful.


What's your motherhood mantra?

I’m not sure I have a mantra. I feel like I mess up a lot. I’m always learning. Lately I’m trying to listen without trying to fix things which is hard for me. The pandemic threw so many things out of whack. In our family, we lost a lot of structure and rules during that time. I’m trying to be gentle with my kids and with myself. These are unprecedented times and we are all just doing our best.  

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