Tanya Taylor and her baby

The Regimen April 27, 2022


We’re celebrating creative mothering with the fashion force behind New York-based, size-inclusive clothing brand Tanya Taylor. We chat about encouraging self-expression in clothing and the beauty of finding your creative voice at an early age, plus her best tips for looking rested and hydrated as a busy mom. 

Tanya Taylor

Name: Tanya Taylor 

Profession: CEO and Creative Director 

Describe yourself in 3 words: Creative, Optimistic, Passionate

Tell us a bit about Tanya Taylor and its distinctive aesthetic: It’s modern, artful, liberating.

I envision women feeling like their most creative and confident selves in our designs, which marry color, texture, and original hand-painted prints. It’s uplifting and celebratory. 

Current wardrobe must-haves?

Our cotton poplin dresses with 2 or 3 great accessory moments. I love strong sculptural metal jewelry like Monica Sordo’s earrings. Beautiful leather sandals from Hereu to tie everything together. 

Your go-to hair and makeup routine? 

Between juggling work and mom duties, my days get pretty long, so I like products that do the job without requiring too much primping. On most days, it’s Gucci Westman’s Vital Skin Foundation Stick that I use as a concealer to even out my skin. I also love her Lip Suede Palette with different color options for day and night. Also, eye makeup (eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara) is a must-have for me so I never look tired. 

I like to keep my hair natural, but I’ll add a subtle curl with my curling wand. 

Westman Lip Palette

Favorite skincare essentials? 

Barbara Sturm products are my go-to for skincare as they’re so innovative and backed by so much research. 

I always have SIO eye patches handy to help me look more rested and hydrated. 

Sio Eye Patch

Your most-treasured way to spend time with your kids? 

By doing creative weekend activities like making rainbow waffles and then exploring museums with them on Saturdays. We also play tennis regularly. The city is our playground and we love going on family walks to discover different sights and sounds. These are such special family moments that I look forward to every week. 

How do you unwind as a busy modern mom?

By painting—I feel most relaxed when I’m being creative. And also by going to fun spots in the city for dinner and drinks with my friends. 

Best motherhood moment or memory to date?

I love watching my younger son look up to his older brother. Right now, he’s at the age where he is copying everything, and it’s so fun to watch them grow up as siblings. 

What's your motherhood mantra?

I believe in being spontaneous and creative around my children—whether that's creating pipe cleaner figures or finger painting to help them grow into curious and expressive individuals. We laugh a lot in our household! 

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