Facials Explained: Microcurrent

With constant industry evolutions, it’s hard to keep up with the ever-growing landscape of skincare technology. From revolutionizing ingredients to unique facial tools, our access to intensified and focused skincare is unprecedented. One of these skincare-redefining advances is the Microcurrent facial. Dubbed the “non-invasive facelift,” this at-home or spa-administered treatment uses low-grade electrical currents to stimulate the facial muscles for a natural, sculpted lift.

Whether using a small handheld device at home or a medical grade variation under professional guidance, these Microcurrents are essentially exercising your facial muscles, creating carved contouring and a plump, tightened appearance.



This facial rejuvenation method is incredibly effective in restoring sagging and aged skin, kindling its youthful firmness and gravity defying definition. And while this is a relatively new technology in cosmetic, spa-ready skincare, Microcurrent treatments have been in practice since the 1980’s, approved by the FDA to treat patients with Bell’s Palsy, muscular paralysis and facial atrophy. The results were astounding, and continue to amaze medically, therapeutically and for the purpose of cosmetic anti-aging.


Microcurrent facials also stimulate the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, an organic compound and coenzyme that essentially provides our cells with the necessary and critical energy they need to function and reproduce at their highest, most optimal levels. So, what does this mean for us? More collagen and elastin production, the visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and melanin regulation aiding in issues of pigmentation! In essence? A youthful, plumped glow and even skin tone.
And, bonus! Microcurrent facials can also stimulate lymphatic drainage, an excellent method for ridding subsurface toxins while increasing blood flow. Increased blood flow provides important oxygen and essential nutrients to skin cells, naturally keeping your appearance healthy, nourished, happy and youthful.
But as incredible and effective as these treatments and facials can be, they are not for everyone. Any skin condition resulting in intense inflammation, including severe acne, should not be exposed to these Microcurrents, as this type of facial may only further inflame and irritate these conditions. And because Microcurrents stimulate and enhance blood flow, it is not advised that anyone with a heart condition undergo this treatment. If pregnant or unsure if you fall under any high-risk category, please consult your doctor to make sure this in-spa or at-home technology is for you.


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