Athena Calderone

The Regimen November 19, 2019

EyeSwoon's Athena Calderone shares her self-care rituals

So tell us a little about yourself -- How did you get your start?

The home is always where I thrived. Designing a beautiful space that tells a very personal story, of travel, adventure, and memories of a certain time and place. It was in the kitchen where I found creativity — it was through cooking that I began to play, layer, create, and in doing so, I found purpose and joy. Most importantly, it was gathering in the home with the people I love, luring them into a beautiful environment where I would spend hours poring over a breathtaking tablescape filled with florals and seasonal delights that I whipped up in the kitchen. Entertaining became my social outlet and so much more. The interests I developed in the home also became my forms of self-expression. I poured over developing new skills in the kitchen and finessed and fussed over the design and decor of our nest. Very soon, I found that my home was what nourished my soul and offered the deepest connection to myself and my loved ones. It really was in the home that I came to trust myself, my eye, and my creative instincts — turning the kitchen into my sacred haven, and my home into my studio and workshop. It was where my varied interests collided. It was what eventually led me to me, and to my site, EyeSwoon.

What do you do?

I am an author. Creator of EyeSwoon. An Interior Designer. A recipe developer. Stylist. Writer. Lifestyle and Entertaining expert. Creative Director. And all around lover of creating beauty within the home.

How long you have been in the industry?

8-10 years

Previous jobs and how you got into beauty/fashion/wellness/etc?

I have always had an appreciation for aesthetics and I have always been a creative. A dancer, actor, yogi who is continually looking at ways I can better myself spiritually— I have a curious nature. I suppose the union of those led me to fashion, beauty, and wellness.

What makes you love beauty?

Beauty is self care. And self care makes us feel beautiful.

Describe yourself in words.

Sensitive. Thoughtful. Mischievous. Creative. Curious.

What is your philosophy on beauty?

Less is more. Do what feels right for you.

What is your best beauty advice?

For me, it's either a red lip or a rosy cheek. Never both.

What is your morning/evening skincare routine?

Morning. Wash face with Dr Sturm Foaming Cleanser, then add the Hyaluronic Serum followed by the Dr Sturm face Cream and Dr Sturm Eye Cream.   No matter what i always use SPF and really like the Dr Sturm Sun Drops during winter. 

Night. Face wash. Hyaluronic Serum. Eye Cream. Face Cream Rich in the winter by Dr Sturm.

What is your go-to, everyday makeup and hair routine?

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to makeup, starting with my foundation. I like a finish that's clean and matte, not dewy. For my hair, I wear it behind my ears or slick back in a low ponytail.

What are the top three beauty products you can’t live without? (Shen products only, preferably)

My recent beauty obsession is Dr Sturm’s products — I love the Sun Drops which is SPF 50 - Hyaluronic anti age serum. Brightening serum.

We are big believers in self do you indulge in self care?

Through rituals -- Waking up 40 minutes before my husband and son to sit with myself. Before coffee, before email or instagram, and before engaging in mommying, I sit with me. I lite a candle and burn Palo Santo and just be, sometimes I even burn the Cinnamon Projects Incense which I love and ads a small element of design. I also practice transcendental meditation so I meditate for 20 minutes in the am. And 20 minutes in the evening.

What’s the biggest beauty mistake you’ve ever made?

Lash extensions. Recently removed them feel 5 years younger

What do you think is the biggest beauty mistake people make?

No SPF / Tanning their face. Not enough water.

What was the best beauty advice given to you? By whom?

I am very inspired by women like Christy Turlington, Julie Pelipes, Carolyn Murphy and Cynthia Rowley who remain incredibly active whether that be running or surfing, and stand for a cause — using their platform to engage and educate. To me their activism is the best beauty advice.

What has the advice of Shen/Jessica helped you best to understand about your own beauty regimen? Can be about skincare, hair care, makeup, etc.

Well Jessica and I always talk skincare and she was an early advocate and educator of Dr Sturm’s products. But riding behind Jessica at Soul Cycle definitely gave me some hustle — I mean FIRE!!!!


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