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The Regimen February 16, 2021

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Brow Microblading

Hands down one of our most popular services here at Shen has to be Brow Microblading with the one and only Josh Beeler. Our resident brow architect is always in demand, with a schedule that's booked out sometimes weeks in advance. But, his 'blading service is also one that draws the most questions, as many people aren't really sure what exactly eyebrow microblading actually even is. Many wonder if it's some kind of tattoo situation, if it's going to leave them with those weird blue-tinged arches that seem to be prevalent at bingo halls, or if it's going to hurt like a mofo, or if it's even going to do anything for their sparse brows.

Knowing how skilled Josh is in this art form and seeing some of the amazing transformations he has created (seriously, go check out his Instagram for some truly stunning before and afters), we thought we'd put together a little FAQ with the master himself to answer all your burning questions about microblading your brows. Keep reading to get the scoop straight from Josh on how this pro treatment can absolutely transform your brows.

What Is Brow Microblading

What is microblading?
"Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that lasts about a year. It’s done by hand and I use my tools and a naturally based ink to mimic the appearance of natural brow hairs. It’s a service designed to fill in sparse brows and can also add layers to your existing brows."

Wait, did you say tattoo? Am I going to end up with those weird blue-looking swooshes?
"Microblading is different from your aunt Sally’s tattooed brows for a few reasons. In the past people would use the same procedure of a body tattoo to tattoo your brows. The reason this is flawed is because A) permanent ink does not age well on the face and B) tattooing your brows using a tattoo machine creates a blocky look with no dimension and no depth. My microblading technique creates three-dimensional, natural-looking eyebrows. I use multiple colors when I’m blading to give the brows a feather-textured appearance."

Who is microblading good for?
"Almost anyone can be a candidate for microblading. This technique can be used to enhance your natural brows, fill in weaker sections of your brows or even create your perfect arches. As we age our brows thin out, and if we lived through the 90s brow trauma, our brows may not fully recover. That’s why microblading is such a great treatment. There are very few people microblading does not work for, but that's why we always do a consultation first, just in case, to make sure you are a good candidate. We can do those virtually now as well.

"And, if microblading is not an option (or they aren't ready to take the plunge with a full microblading), a brow tint and shape will give them the best brows they can have in the meantime. We’ve also added a new service to the Shen menu that’s an ideal way to try a minimal amount of microblading. It’s called The Multeye and  a brow wax and tint and I then add a few strategically placed microblade strokes throughout your brows to strengthen and enhance your arches. The service concludes with a lashline enhancement and includes a 30-day touchup."

Brow Microblading Makeover

What happens during my appointment?
"Your first appointment is two hours long. This is to ensure that we have plenty of time to perfect your arches. I clean the brows up and sketch a perimeter, then add a numbing cream and get you comfortably situated under a weighted blanket. Once I scrub in and lay out my sterilized equipment, you should be comfortably numb. Then we start the process. We decide on the right color pigment for you based on your natural brow color and skin tone, then I use my specialized tool, which creates tiny cuts in the skin and deposits the pigment into them. It sounds scarier than it actually is, I promise. My technique ensures that these cuts mimic the look and three-dimensional, feathery eyebrow hairs, rather than a block of solid color.

"The first three days after a session your brows will appear the darkest they will be and this is a result of blood mixing with the pigment. They will also appear slightly swollen, but this subsides rather quickly and then they will shed. Our brow microblading treatment is done in two appointments — the second one is scheduled four to six weeks after our initial appointment. That's because some of the color may not adhere the first time. It’s included in the initial price of the service. 

Does it hurt?
"Pain is minimal because of the topical anesthetic that I use. I also use another anesthetic that works on broken skin to ensure a painless experience."

What happens after my appointment?
"The healing time is about a week and pretty simple. Don’t touch them and try to keep them as dry as you can. Just like with any tattoo, to get the longest ride out of your color services it’s a good practice to use SPF and also avoid retinoids and acids on the treated area. 

"After your microblading appointment, you will still need to continue regular brow maintenance. Tinting your brows a few months after your final appointment will aid in freshening up their appearance and crisping up the brow strokes. And you will still need to have errant hairs removed and your brows shaped to maintain your perfect arches. We also recommend a touch-up after six months for maintenance. We offer 6 month touch ups at Shen Beauty at half the price of the initial procedure, but this is only available to clients that have seen me in the past. It does not apply to me retouching someone else's work."

Ready to try microblading for yourself? Book your appointment now with Josh!


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