SHEN founder Jessica Richards Unveils The Summer-to-Fall Makeup Tips She Lives By!

The Interview October 04, 2021

SHEN founder Jessica Richards Unveils The Summer-to-Fall Makeup Tips She Lives By!

SHEN’s lead makeup artist Samuel Smith shares his expert advice on summer-to-fall makeup modifications. What does autumn appropriate makeup consist of? For exceptional fall looks that emphasize skin tone, hydration and practicality, look toward SHEN founder Jessica Richards who lives by these application tips. 

“Makeup for fall should be less dewy than summer, but it's important to maintain a hydrated finish,” Samson says. “The focus should turn from bronzer to blush, and the intelligent application of concealer and tinted moisturizer, if applied well and evenly to those parts of your face that react with redness to cold and dry air, will keep natural flush from breaking through, sustaining the appearance of even skin tone.”


"Instead of bronzer, layer or apply a heavy coat of blush for an emphasized, but controlled warmth. It brings vibrancy and a healthy radiance to your complexion and compliments, as opposed to fights against, the natural flush colder weather often provokes.”


SHEN founder Jessica Richards swears by  Westman Atelier’s Peau De Rose, a versatile highlighting blush that can be used throughout fall, or MOB's cream blush, a soft, matte, layer-able blush with soothing ingredients like chamomile and vitamin E, which she especially favors for cold weather due to its remarkable skin soothing benefits. 

“To prepare for wet weather and the watering eyes that cold wind and air can cause, waterproof mascara is a an absolute essential,” Samson says.
Jessica's current favorite is Eyeko’s award-winning Sport Waterproof Mascara, which astoundingly keeps lashes lavish, conditioned and waterproof for up to 24 hours.

“And my favorite part of fall makeup… the signature lip!" Jessica loves to choose from the 23 shades of Cream Lipstick MOB beauty has to offer for striking color, long-lasting hydration, smooth application and a gorgeous, deeply pigmented finish. 


“A lot of my clients think that as we move into colder weather, sunscreen is no longer a necessity, but on the contrary! It’s just as crucial. For the best fall skin, layer a heavier occlusive moisturizer or oil, an SPF 50 and a tinted moisturizer. It's so important to protect against cold, dry climates not only for the health of your skin, but for the success of your makeup application.”



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