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The Regimen February 03, 2020

Don’t Half-Ass Your Skin Care Routine

If you think moisture and hydration are the same thing, we’ve got some bad news for you: You’ve been living a skin-care lie. While they might sound like the same thing, these two common beauty terms are most definitely not. Sure, the goal of each is the same — to keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy — but they do so in two completely different ways.

“Very simply put, hydration is water, moisture is oil,”  says April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter and the cult classic Active Botanical Serum (and the new, equally amazing Active Treatment Essence). 

Ok, you might be thinking, but why does that bit of skin-care science matter to me? Because the harsh truth is that if you’re only doing one of them, you are half-assing your entire skin-care routine. Your skin needs water-based ingredients to hydrate its deeper layers and oil-based ingredients to keep that hydration from evaporating off the skin.

We spoke to Gargiulo to learn more about these unique skin actions, plus how to make sure you are incorporating both into your daily routine. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to get the moisture and hydration your skin is craving.

Ok, so hydration is water and moisture is oil. Why do we need both?

“Your body is made up of [up to 60 percent] water, so when you are using an aqueous-based product, it is able to penetrate the skin far deeper than any oil-based product can. Even when you take a product like our Active Botanical Serum, which is formulated to have the smallest molecule size, it can never go past the skin barrier.”

How do they work together?

“The way that they function is that the hydration is going deep into the skin and the moisture is protecting it and maintaining that hydration. You need both. One is not going to be as effective without the other.”

Can you have one product that does both?

“Technically yes — skin creams are an emulsion of hydration and moisture. But, I believe that when you have a distinct hydration step, you have deeper hydration and when you have a distinct moisture step, you have better protective qualities.” 

How do the Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence play into that concept?

“We know that in nature, ingredients are either oil soluble or they are water soluble. Our first product, Active Botanical Serum is an oil-soluble product. We take some of the most nutrient-dense whole plants in the world and put them through our unique Phyto Radiance Infusion, which is a 21-day fermentation process where we are able to extract all of their nutrition, all of the energy from those plants. 

“While we are going through that special infusion, we are capturing the oil-soluble nutrition and it’s having an incredible impact on people’s skin. But, we also realized that there is a whole world of water-soluble nutrition that your skin needs as well. And, that is the genesis of Active Treatment Essence — it’s the water-soluble yin to Active Botanical Serum’s oil-soluble yang. When you are applying Essence followed by Serum, not only are you receiving complete nutrition, you are also receiving all the hydration and all the moisture your skin needs.”

How do you help people figure out which step is missing from their routine?

“What we ask customers is what products are you using that you love? If they tell us a moisturizer, I’m like perfect, you’re missing hydration. Let’s get you the Active Treatment Essence in there. Or, if they come back and they say ‘I use this essence’ or some kind of aqueous thing, I say perfect, keep using that and let’s add the moisture of the Active Botanical Serum

“I am not one to add more steps to a program. We are all about as few steps as possible because I think that’s what services your skin better. In the Essence and Serum, not only are you getting complete nutrition, deep hydration, and multi-correctional moisture, but these two products combine the performance of eight. We have clinical levels of  brightening and collagen-producing vitamin C. We have micro-exfoliating ingredients, hydrating hyaluronic acid, coconut water, and apple pectin. There are prebiotics and probiotics, stem cells, micro-algae, and the most nutrient dense plants in the world.”

Take a minute to look at your skin-care routine and see which step you might unknowingly be skipping. Now, go check out Vintner's Daughter to discover what you’ve been missing in your quest for healthy, dewy, soft skin.


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