BEHIND THE BRAND: Vida Glow, Ingestible Collagen and Life Changing Results!

The Regimen September 28, 2021

BEHIND THE BRAND: Vida Glow, Ingestible Collagen and Life Changing Results!

Vida Glow founder Anna Lahey first discovered the magic of ingestible marine collagen while traveling, and after seeing incredible results after only weeks of regular usage, she knew she had discovered something she could not keep to herself. And thus, Vida Glow was born, transforming the beauty industry forever with its innovative inside-first approach to skincare.
Vida Glow’s famous natural marine collagen is created with activated collagen peptides, stimulating the body’s natural process of collagen production, making this lightning-in-a-sachet product an essential for sustainable skin health. While maximalist beauty regimens can be luxuriously indulgent and ultra-relaxing, we don’t always have the time to treat ourselves to intensive skincare routines.
A Vida Glow sachet a day provides all the beauty support you need so your busy, active life doesn’t have to interfere with healthy, youthful, resilient and vibrant skin, hair and nails. Yes! It truly does start from within! And, bonus! Regular ingestion of collagen has other incredible health benefits too, including easing joint pain, promoting bone health and improving sleep, among so many more advantages!
Are you sold yet? We certainly are.

Brand name Vida Glow
Founder Anna Lahey
Date founded September 2014
What was the first product you developed, and why did you create it?
Natural Marine Collagen – a collagen peptide powder. After trying marine collagen while travelling, I experienced incredible results across my skin, hair and nails. At the time, marine collagen wasn’t readily available in Australia and I knew it had the power to revolutionize beauty and wellness routines. My personal experience ignited my passion and I created Vida Glow to share the real power of ingestible beauty.
What was the inspiration for your first line?
I was inspired by the real, tangible results I experienced from marine collagen. It was the only supplement that treated my hair loss. Within weeks, I was losing less hair, my skin was better hydrated and my nails were growing, quickly.
To understand the science behind my results, I spent months researching collagen and marine collagen clinical studies. When I realized my results were universally beneficial and backed by science, Vida Glow was born.
What is Vida Glow’s brand philosophy?
Vida Glow is designed for real, active people. We innovate active and clinically studied beauty solutions that are made for busy, messy living that doesn’t have time for superficial or complicated beauty.
What is your bestselling product, and why do you think that is?
Natural Marine Collagen is our best-seller, selling one unit every four seconds. It’s clinically proven to support youthful skin and has benefits for healthy hair and nails. Vida Glow’s high efficacy in small, convenient sachets also means it’s an achievable daily step to enhance skin, hair and nail health from within.

Our marine collagen is hydrolyzed, meaning, it’s been activated to boost absorption, so your body can actually utilize it and stimulate fresh collagen production.

What's your favorite product in your line, and why?
Our Natural Marine Collagen in Original. It’s flavorless, so I mix it into my water throughout the day and chamomile tea in the evening. Plus, I’d be lost without its skin-pluming benefits.
What makes Vida Glow so unique as a brand?
Vida Glow is not a typical beauty supplement brand – we’re active beauty support for busy, on-the-go living and achieving incredible results from within.
What's one surprising thing people might not know about Vida Glow?
Vida Glow is backed by science and committed to clinical trials. In a transparency and innovation-shy industry, we’re leading the way in creating products that are clinically proven and supported by scientific research. We pride ourselves on our measurable results and strong, specific claims – and tangible benefits for our consumers.
What do you want people to think of when they think of Vida Glow?
Vida Glow is beauty at its most potent for busy, active lives. We optimize ingestible beauty to deliver active ingredients in innovative formulas, for the efficacious results you would expect from targeted topical solutions.
What was one of the biggest challenges you faced when you launched?
One of our biggest challenges has been education. In 2014, marine collagen wasn’t the beauty buzz word it is today. Communicating the clinical efficacy of our marine collagen powder and the mechanism of ingestible beauty is a priority across all of our brand touchpoints. We’ve also enlisted our Skin Professionals, a panel of skin science and skincare experts, who lead our education campaigns and support our launches.  
When did you know you made it as a brand?
Vida Glow’s biggest success has been the product efficacy and real the results people see from taking our hero product, Natural Marine Collagen. From very early on, this customer advocacy built a loyal Vida Glow community across the world.  
Vida Glow wasn’t an overnight success and we’re always moving forward, but it’s a 'pinch me' moment whenever I hear about the positive changes our products are having on people.
What is your proudest moment as a founder?
While we’re making strides in ingestibles and the beauty industry every day, our recent rebrand was a very gratifying milestone. Not just for me, but the whole team who put years of hard work into bringing this vision to life. Although we’re seven years in, 2021 feels like year one for Vida Glow. Our rebrand has set the tone for our continuing innovation at the forefront of ingestible beauty and has propelled us to being a brand with global appeal and opportunities.
What can we expect from Vida Glow in the future? Any exciting news you can share?
In 2022, we’re bringing our award-winning Anti-G-Ox brightening Radiance capsules and our soon-to-launch skincare to the US.
Radiance is our first launch in the new Advanced Repair Range. Advanced Repair is a range of targeted ingestible treatments for common beauty concerns, which we’re developing beyond skin, across the body.
What made you want to be in the beauty industry?
Vida Glow is, quite simply, my passion. Everything from the brand’s beginnings, its philosophy and scientific innovation reflect my personal drive for helping people discover real results.
My own introduction to ingestible beauty was completely transformative, and my personal experience ignited my passion. I created Vida Glow to share the real power of ingestible beauty, and the ability to impact people's lives is something I don't take for granted. 
What has been your biggest struggle as a founder?
Riding the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with entrepreneurship has been one of my personal challenges. You feel every success and every set-back.
I founded Vida Glow with my husband Kieran, who is our CEO – so we’re both deeply invested in the brand. We’ve spoken about Vida Glow every day for the past seven years. We’ve travelled the world pregnant, breastfeeding and with young children. It’s difficult to switch off and find balance at times, but creating Vida Glow has been incredibly rewarding. We wouldn’t have done it any other way.



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