Behind the Brand: Mahōni

The Regimen June 06, 2021

Behind the Brand: Mahōni

For the past 8 years I have been on the hunt for a REAL Manuka Honey, which could only be grown in Australia or New Zealand.  One that was completely organic, grown in the proper habitat to allow for potent results, of course one with great packaging, and an even more an incredible founder. Enter Mahōni, SHEN's newest exclusive product/s to help with cold sores, sore throats, upset stomachs and of course INCREDIBLE skin! Grown completely organic in New Zealand, which means that the bee's pollinate the tea tree plants helping to increase the antibacterial and antimicrobial efficacy in the jar.                                        
First off, i remember when i read an article many years ago about the effects of washing you face with Manuka Honey for a month straight...let's just say since i am game for anything i tested this and my skin...dry/dehydrated/started to wrinkle/immense amount of sun damage had never looked better but it was also the most expensive cleanser i have ever used! From that point onwards, I was on the hunt! Typically i can find what i am looking for but in this case it took me 8 YEARS!                                                                                                                            

Enter Viola, the most beautiful and lovely mānuka aficionado who created Mahōni.


What was the first product you developed and why did you create it?

Our first product was the Skin Remedy. The journey of Mahōni started years earlier when I noticed how effectively mānuka honey helped me with the symptoms of cold sores. Reacting immediately with strong mānuka was really effective for me, so I sought practical, applicable, and sanitary mānuka honey products for on-the-go.


What was the inspiration for the line?

Years of personal experience treating the blisters of a cold sores, skin outbreaks or the symptoms of light sore throats with mānuka - but lacking user-friendly products - I set out to create the ideal mānuka products for my friends, family, and myself in 2019. Mahōni was launched a year later. Discovering the benefits of mānuka changed my life, and we want to reach as many people as possible with scientifically backed, natural solutions for everyday skin- and health issues.


What is the brand philosophy?

We are all about natural and science backed remedies that you can rely on in your day to day. Mahōni introduces consumers to mānuka in a new way. As a reliable remedy for everyday needs. Our storytelling is based around use cases and the science behind them. Ultimately we want to introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of mānuka honey. And we want to enable our customers to use mānuka for their daily health, whenever and wherever they are, with practical and quality products.                                                                                                           

             What is your best selling product and why do you think that is?                

Since Day 1, the Skin Remedy is our clear bestseller. Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, our customers tell us the immediate results they see. Most people have chronic or stress-related skin issues such as acne, pimples, or cold sores. Lately, we received feedback from healthcare workers who shared the amazing results the Skin Remedy had on their maskne. Also: Customers are more educated than ever and rightfully critical of what they put on their skin. They want science-based benefits, and they want clean ingredients. Mahōni is 100% natural and based on facts.                           


What's your favorite product in the line and why is that?

That’s a hard one! Genuinely all of them because they’re complimentary. We developed each product with specific use cases in mind. I use the Inner Remedy for the helping reduce the occasional sore throat and acid reflux. I use the Skin Remedy on my cold sores and maskne. And I have a spoonful of the Daily Boost daily in my blueberry smoothie. I carry a sachet and the skin remedy with me wherever I go. You just never know ;-)


What makes the brand unique?

We guarantee the authenticity of our mānuka. The majority of mānuka sold worldwide is not authentic. So we independently lab test each batch of our mānuka twice (!) First in New Zealand and again in Germany. We also test it for health and safety by independent labs to guarantee the highest quality for our customers. Also, each product is created with a specific use case in mind and the right MGO concentration is perfected. 


What's one surprising thing people might not know about the brand?

We offer mānuka with only two variations of MGO: Strong (600 MGO), and moderate (100 MGO). 100 MGO we recommend for daily use and general wellbeing. And the 600 MGO we recommend for acute needs. There is no scientific proof for added benefits at MGO levels higher than 600. We did the research, so our customers don’t need to.


What do you want people to think of when they think of your brand?

Knowing they have Mahōni in their pocket provides them with confidence and security to go about their day. Whether they are on their way to a date, to an important meeting, or on vacation – knowing they can apply their Mahōni when they feel something’s coming, and feel good about their day!


What was one of the biggest challenges you faced when you launched?

Finding the right packaging. It had to be travel size, sanitary and applicable for the best user experience. We looked for months to find the right sachets, the right tubes, and the right glass jars, that are safe to use and check all the boxes.


How did you know you'd made it as a brand?

A huge moment was when a customer emailed us saying their rosacea healed faster than ever briefly after our launch. Receiving emails like these almost daily really underscores our purpose. We feel so grateful whenever a customer shares their success story with us. Truly my favorite part of the journey,


What is your proudest moment as a founder?

Every time someone discovers mānuka because of us. Every time someone is wowed by the benefits of mānuka through the way we introduce Mahōni. Pure joy!


What can we expect from the brand in the future? Any exciting news you can share?

A Mahōni collaboration with Shen! We will be introducing mānuka-based facials and treatments at Shen in due time.


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