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The Interview April 28, 2022

Ignae, The Vegan Skincare Brand from Azores | SHEN®️

Our founder, Jess Richards, took a trip with Ignae Skincare through the Azores archipelago in Portugal, home of the brand’s iconic skin-transforming botanics. Exclusively available at SHEN, the entire Ignae range is so rich in minerals, you actually see a difference within just 30 days.

Read on to get Jess’s account of her magical stay, the beauty of the Azores, a behind the scenes peek at Ignae’s efficacy, and the makeup and skincare she packed for this momentous trip.  

The Azores Portugal

Jess’s Travel Diary

“Being invited to the Azores by Claire and Miguel of Ignae Skincare was a pure dream. It was a real treat to travel to the archipelago, located only two hours from Lisbon. I wasn't aware of its beauty before this trip.”

Favorite Part of the Trip

“My favorite part of the trip was the thermal sound bath meditation at 10:30 pm, and spending quality time immersing myself in all things Ignae. The bathwater was sourced from a natural hot spring that is cleaned every day by draining it and then filling it up with fresh water. It is so rich in iron and magnesium that it turns yellow. For comparison, take a look at the pool picture that doesn't get this treatment.”

“For the sound bath, they had us sit on a rock wall in very hot water. After that, while drums played, they walked us through a meditation. I laid my head on this floating pillow with a pool noodle under my legs to keep me afloat. During my float, a meditation woman moved my body all around to the sound of the music, making my body dance in the water. I have severe nerve damage in my neck on the right side, but when I woke up the next morning it didn't hurt at all—I felt totally fine. In addition, I slept like a baby. It had to be one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had.”

Jess in Azores Portugal

What I Learned

“I learned so much about the food, the culture, the land, and most importantly, the plants. In addition, I learned where the Ignae brand derives its ingredients from and experienced first hand the unbeatable potency every product has due to the land’s mineral richness.”

“Ignae works synergistically with the Azores to deliver the most mineral-rich ingredients, which is why every product is so highly effective. The brand utilizes the resources of the land in the most sustainable way possible. This includes using the clippings from the trimmings, encapsulating ingredients in a lab to deliver to the dermis in more effective ways, and keeping the brand completely vegan.”

Jessica Richards and Ignae Founder Claire Chung

Jessica Richards and Ignae Founder, Claire Chung

Where I Stayed

“We were invited to stay in Botania Hall which had just been renovated. We were the first guests to stay there and when I say it was beyond beautiful, I mean it! The people of the Azores are so kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Botania Hall is located in a national park with thermal hot springs, along with trees and plants from around the world. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Azores and am dying to go back and eat some more of the butter. It is the most delicious butter I have ever eaten, perhaps because every cow you pass is literally smiling.”

Dinner Table with a garden view

What I Packed

Maark's Lipstick

“Obviously a red lip makes me feel completely pulled together and this one really packs a punch.”


BEAUTYCOUNTER Cheeky Clean Blush

“Just a little pick me up to brighten my dull skin from the plane.”  

Westman Highlighter

“Having a glow is always nice, plus I can put a little under my brows just above where eyeshadow would go to lift my tired eyes.”


Vyrao Perfume

“This fragrance is just my favorite—clean, fresh, and the packaging makes me happy so I don’t mind bringing along the big bottle.”



Elta MD Sunscreen


“I never leave home without it. Even when on an airplane you forget those rays get through. I used this coupled with the Blue Light Day Serum from Ignae the entire trip.” 


Ignae Daily Enzyme Cleanser

“I don’t need a physical exfoliant because this does the job of a chemical with a touch of grit—but barely—and the smell is amazing.”

Ignae Day Complex

“So hydrating when jumping in and out of thermal pools coupled with the wind on the island. My skin didn't feel dry or dehydrated whatsoever.”

Ignae Regenerating Body Oil

“I can’t live without this. I remember after the sound bath meditation at 10:00 pm one night where the woman basically had my body dancing while in this beautiful natural pool with the natural minerals of iron and magnesium. I put this all over and awoke the next morning with the softest skin.”

Ignae Enriched Regenerating Serum

“I’m a huge fan of serums so this has helped. What’s fascinating is after using these products for 30 days you see a visible difference and feel it, too.”

Ignae Collection

Ignae Rich Night Serum

”An overnight facial in a bottle. The natural retinol derived from vitamin A and the incredibly dense mineral compounds found in nature that Miguel has extracted work wonders—hydrating, luminizing, and I swear my wrinkles are slowly going away.”

Ignae's Rich Night Serum Bottle in the sunset
Vyrao I Am Verdant $190
I Am Verdant 50ml bottle
BEAUTYCOUNTER Cheeky Clean Cream Blush $42
Cheeky Clean Cream Blush - CHAI
Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlighter Stick $48
Lit Up Highlighter Stick
Ignae Blue Light Day Serum $116
IGNAE Blue Light Day Serum
Ignae Daily Enzyme Cleanser $100
Ignae Daily Enzyme Face Wash Cleanser
Ignae Day Complex $187
IGNAE Day Complex intense hydration
Ignae Dynamic Eye Complex $138
IGNAE Dynamic Eye Complex targets dark circles and fine lines
Ignae Enriched Regenerating Serum $185
IGNAE Enriched Regenerating Serum
Ignae Night Complex $188
IGNAE Night Complex for skin regeneration and natural collagen boost
Ignae Regenerating Body Oil $116
Ignae body oil green beauty stars award
Ignae Rich Night Serum $232
Rich Night Serum
EltaMD UV Stick Broad Spectrum SPF50+ $35
EltaMD UV Stick SPF 50+ Mineral Sunscreen Stick
Ignae Serum Discovery Kit $125
Serum Discovery Kit 3 Serums
Ignae Volcanic Clay Mask $154
Volcanic Clay Mask Beauty Bible Award

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