Behind The Brand: Alpyn Beauty with Kendra Kolb Butler

July 13, 2022

Behind The Brand: Alpyn Beauty with Kendra Kolb Butler

We’re obsessed with Alpyn Beauty’s wildcrafted active formulations. Every product  harnesses properties of resilient mountain plants to protect and nurture your skin. We chatted with founder Kendra Kolb Butler on the beginnings of the brand and how the range is uniquely suited to brighten and hydrate dull, dry skin in even the harshest climates. 

Brand name: Alpyn Beauty  

Founder: Kendra Kolb Butler 

Date founded: November 2018 

Kendra Kolb Butler

What is Alpyn Beauty’s brand philosophy? 

Alpyn Beauty is the first and only skincare brand to sustainably harvest wild plants from the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and infuse them into their formulas to actively address dry skin. These highly resilient and wildly efficacious plants are conditioned to survive in the most extreme climate through self-hydration. When applied to skin, they behave just like they do in the wild: nourishing, protecting and deeply hydrating skin. Alpyn Beauty is committed to sustainability through partnerships like 1% For the Plant, where a portion of every purchase goes directly to forest restoration efforts. To date, over 900 acres of wildlife-dependent grasslands have been restored.  

Jackson Hole Wyoming

What was the first product you developed, and why did you create it?

Melt Moisturizer was my first baby. Soon after I moved from New York to Jackson Hole, WY, I started to miss the beauty industry (and selfishly needed a place to buy beauty products in Jackson), so I opened my own clean beauty apothecary, Alpyn Beauty Bar. I noticed very quickly that my clients weren’t seeing the results they needed with their active lifestyles and the harsh mountain climate with the formulas available on shelves at the time. Nothing was working, and my skincare returns were off the chart! One day I was sitting in my backyard surrounded by strong, flourishing wild plants in Jackson Hole, and started wondering what was growing here, how they managed to adapt, and if the local flora could do anything for the skin. I began learning all about wildcrafting and the untapped potential of these sustainable botanicals. Once I had a formula I loved, I started handing out sample pots of Melt Moisturizer and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Finally a moisturizer that helps dry, dull, dehydrated skin. 

PlantGenius® Melt Moisturizer

Your formulations are so clever. Tell us more about wildcrafting and how your products help those living in harsh environments? 

Wildcrafting is the sustainable practice of harvesting a plant as it grows in its natural environment. The plant is never harmed or killed. It’s like taking a strawberry from a strawberry bush. It grows back! I believe this practice is important because we are utilizing these plants in their most natural form—the way that nature intended them to grow. We are allowing them to develop a beneficial relationship with the forest soil and learn how to preserve food and water. They have to communicate with the animals and insects that nibble on them. My plants have to grow in altitude in extreme weather with low oxygen levels, really close to the sun. All of these challenges make them strong, resilient and incredibly hearty. I call them the “Olympians of plants”. And I love the sustainability aspect!

Alpyn Beauty sustainably harvests new, innovative ingredients like Chokecherry and others. How do these unique ingredients cater to a wide range of skin issues?

The plants we harvest are some of the hardest-working and most resilient botanicals that are conditioned to survive in an unforgiving climate (think high altitude, low humidity, little oxygen, intense sun, harsh wind, and heavy snowfall). When applied topically, these plants perform just like they do in the wild: preserving, protecting, and strengthening skin cells. The result is increased resiliency, which results in skin that looks, feels, and behaves more youthfully. We call this “Darwinism of Plants” and these are the “Olympians”. Adapting to the elements on their own, these plants have to fight harder for survival. This creates a strong, resilient, potent plant (and ingredient source). Forest soils are also richer in natural fungi and bacteria, which are beneficial to overall plant health. 

What are some of your favorite products from the brand? Any tips on how to use them? 

I love all the babies the same, however, the Bearberry & Vitamin C Glow Serum has a special place in my heart. It really works, plus it’s pink and sparkly. I can see it on the skin of my clients when I’m in a yoga class and in the grocery store. I know exactly who’s wearing it. Their skin has this ethereal, illuminated glow. I can spot it on them from across the room. I got the idea when I was looking at the glistening sunlit crystals on the surface of the snow. It made everything look so smooth and even. I wanted to bottle that phenomenon and I think we got pretty close. One of the tips I love to share is to apply this product before and after makeup. It has this amazing illuminative quality. It also works as a great primer and luminizer.

ALPYN BEAUTY  Bearberry & Vitamin C Glow Serum 0.0 star rating Write a review

What's one surprising thing people might not know about Alpyn Beauty?  

Fun fact: We take our inspiration from the region’s renowned alpenglow: the ethereal pink light cast at sunrise and sunset which illuminates the mountaintops, meadows, forests, and valleys in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the ingredients for our products grow. 

What do you want people to remember about Alpyn Beauty the moment they see it on the shelf?

We want people to know that all of our products are formulated with the magical wild plants from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When combined with clinical ingredients, our plant-based products are super efficacious and unique. 

What is your proudest moment as a founder?  

When I walk into a store or talk to a client who tells me how happy they are with their skin. The idea that I was a part of something that makes somebody else genuinely happy, that brings me so much joy and satisfaction. 

What can we expect from Alpyn Beauty in the future? Any exciting news you can share?

2022 and 2023 is all about introducing some new wild botanicals into the market that the consumer has never seen or used before on their skin! Hint: our cleanser family may be growing… 

How did you feel about launching Alpyn Beauty at SHEN?

It’s truly an honor and was always a goal of mine to be carried at SHEN. There are so many values that we both align on and I couldn’t be more proud of our partnership.  

alpyn beauty Creamy Bubbling Cleanser with Fruit Enzymes & AHA's $36
Creamy Bubbling Cleanser with Fruit Enzymes & AHA's
alpyn beauty Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel $56
Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel
alpyn beauty Wild Nettle & Niacinamide Firming Serum $58
Wild Nettle & Niacinamide Firming Serum
alpyn beauty Bearberry & Vitamin C Glow Serum $59
Bearberry & Vitamin C Glow Serum
alpyn beauty PlantGenius Line-Filling Eye Balm $62
Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Natural Nutrient Rich Line-Filling Eye Balm
alpyn beauty PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer $60
PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer
alpyn beauty Willow & Sweet Agave Plumping Lip Mask $28
Willow & Sweet Agave Plumping Lip Mask
alpyn beauty Juneberry & Collagen Hydrating Cream Cleanser $39
Juneberry & Collagen Hydrating Cream Cleanser

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