Jessica Richard's Changing Skincare Routine & Mistakes

September 06, 2022

Jessica Richard's Changing Skincare Routine & Mistakes

On the eve of her 38th birthday, we touched base with SHEN founder Jessica Richards on the been-there-done-that words of wisdom she’d tell her younger self. Below, she explains why she is never without sunscreen, the one thing she does before events, and the face mask she hoards. 
Jessica Richards

What changes have you noticed in your skin since you turned 30? 

I am going to be 38 in October and I definitely notice more wrinkles and age spots or sunspots. My skin has progressively gotten much drier and dehydrated, too. 

What is the number one thing you’ve changed in your routine since 30? 

I’ve incorporated wearing sunscreen 24/7, and I reapply it throughout the day. I apply EltaMD in the morning and keep a Decree Day Shield SPF 30 spray with me for reapplication. 
Decree SPF

What products have you turned to to address dryness and age spots? 

Cleansing has become so important. I make sure to always wash my face at night - I'm not a teenager that can get away with not doing that. For my dry skin I’ve moved towards gentle cleansers instead of looking for that squeaky clean feeling. For the last few years I’ve been using VENN’s Moisture-Balance All-In-One Cleanser and Pai’s Middlemist Seven Hydrating Cleanser
The Foam Cleanser from Dr. Barbara Sturm is made with aloe vera instead of water so I’ll use that sometimes because it is not as drying. When I need a little bit of exfoliation I turn to Reflekt’s Face Wash. My kids like it too, so it is always in our shower. I use balm or oil-based cleansers in the winter like the Melting Cleansing Balm from Leland Francis (such an unsung hero), or Skin Design London’s Face Bath Cleanser. I focus a lot on my serums. In addition to a hydrating one like MDO’s The Serum, Environ’s Mela-Fade Serum really did wonders for my age spots. 
Leland Francis Melting Balm

Are there any tools that you have incorporated as you’ve gotten older? 

I use the LightStim LED tool all the time at home, and that helps with hydration, elasticity, collagen building and age spots. I am also addicted to the PureLift Face microcurrent device. That shit works. If I had the time to use it every day I would. If I am going out I always use it before I do my makeup and it makes me feel much more lifted. Frankly, I also get a lot of Botox. I go to Laura Dyer.
Lightstim for wrinkles

Do you use any treatment masks at home? 

I don’t like a pore refining mask, it is just not what my skin needs. Instead I use hydrating ones.  I love the Restorative Radiance Mask from Tammy Fender (I hoard jars of that) and the new Irene Forte Pistachio Face Mask is unbelievable. 
Irene Forte Face Mask

How about from the neck down? 

I love body products, so I’m really excited about the GoopGlow Microderm Instant Glow Body Polish and Afterglow Body Oil. I love Environ’s Derma-Lac Lotion and A, C & E Oil together. They are an epic combination, and I have seen insane results for stretch marks. I use it every single day. I wear SIO patches a lot, their neck ones are amazing for crepiness in that area. 

What about beauty from the inside-out? Are there any ingestibles that you swear by? 

I’ve taken the Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen for years, even before SHEN carried it. I love the GoopGlow powder, they taste like Tang and are great for traveling since they come in little sachets. I always have 8G 8 Daily Greens tabs on me. With stress and age, Via Viaggio Requiem Pax sleep gummies really work to help me sleep better. 

Has your makeup routine changed at all? 

I use a bit more concealer than I used to, that I blend out and use on my sunspots. I try them all but like Beautycounter’s Skin Twin Creamy Concealer. I also love MDO’s Multi-Benefit Skin Tint
As I’ve gotten older I am more okay with using a little bit of blush. I have rosacea and a key for me was learning how to properly apply it. Whenever I am feeling kind of blah, I put on red lipstick. It instantly helps me feel more pulled together, even if I’m not wearing much else. MOB’s Red Lipstick is my go to. I have one in every bag. 

Is there anything you wish you had introduced to your routine, in hindsight? 

I wish I had been more diligent about doing microneedling every month, to build on that collagen.

What self care rituals do you find you appreciate more as you get older?

The older I get the more excited I am to light a candle when I get home or when I work, and make it into a whole ritual. I am obsessed with a new Australian brand we are carrying called Vahy. They smell incredible.
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